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More fun at work

Hey, isn't this fun? No.

Okay, I don't even know where to begin this time.
Work is putting up more posters. In the Cafeteria, in the halls, by the exits, in the offices, at the bus stops. There are more propaganda fliers in the pit areas, on the walls, by the exits and I'm getting them at home in my mailbox.
Frankly, I feel harassed!

To top it all off, we're getting it on the TV. At work. Work has this cutesy little news program/propaganda mill they make for the workers and play on the TVs in the halls 24/7. We are still being treated to the top dog executive preaching about how the evil Union has /somehow/ gotten our names and addresses and have been knocking on doors and GEE that's scary ...due to there being a family slaughtered elsewhere in the state a week or so ago. By strangers! Eee!
I'm sorry, is there a connection there? Can I be sick to my stomach that my place of employment is utilizing someone else's tragedy for a scare tactic? Because I am.

This week we've an added bonus: A female dealer comes on and talks about how she was home and there was a knock at her door. Repeatedly. Twice. "Like it was an emergency!" and she opened the door to find 2 strangers there who said, "Do you work at (the casino)?" Horror! They were there to ask if she'd signed the Union card. "How do they know where I live?!" "My daughter was there in the house with me!" "I feel violated!" etc etc. "I would never trust these people with my money..." etc etc.
Now, I'll grant you, knocking door to door about this stupid Union thing may not have been the smartest idea these Union people have had. I mean, geez, how important are these signatures and WHY can't you take "No thanks" for an answer? Sure, you want to double check that people have been asked, but good grief. There are limits. And phones are available.

But the kicker? Apparently, this woman just slightly happens to be the wife of a pit boss. Makes her motives a wee bit suspect. A tad. A dram. A smidgen.

Lady, someone knocked on your door. Get over it. Do like I do and don't answer.

Oh yes, and the casino's newest flier is all "We suspect the union used (perfectly legal) avenues to get access to your PERSONAL INFORMATION!! (limited to) YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS that you filled out in your job application. (We have absolutely no proof that) the union MAY HAVE EVEN MORE INFORMATION ON YOU. BUT THEY MIGHT. THEY MAY KNOW WHAT KIND OF CAR YOU DRIVE! HOW OLD YOUR KIDS ARE! YOUR HAIR COLOR! (somehow) so BE AFRAID!"

Honestly. wtf?
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