alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Still exhausted. Problem with going to bed early is that when I wake up 2 hours later I do not go back to sleep. 6 of 1, half dozen.
My hand, arm, shoulder, fingers are still tingling but we've been SO jamming at work I havent had the heart to make my boss fill out injury paperwork. Yet.
Shoveling. Been done it. Honestly whatever my landlord pays the teens to do it - I want half. I deserve half. I spent 2 hours this weekend shoveling /after/ the lazy brats left. They do the absolute LEAST possible. Like, they snowblow down the sidewalk in one pass only & to hell with whatever they miss. They leave the ends of the driveways untouched for a good 10 feet in because it slopes towards the road & they dont want to hurt their plow blade. OR to run the snowblower over it. Wth guys? We've got elderly living here. I aint far out from that myself.
Le sigh.

My hands didnt bother me tho during it so there is that

Good night

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