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Something you do not know about me is that in my bedroom I have framed photos of movie stars. I pretty much always have had since I was first allowed to put anything up. So high school maybe?
You know how in movies & TV shows it is a trope for a character to have their guardian spirit show up in the form of a celebrity? Frank Sinatra comes down to lay some wisdom on you kinda thing? OH, in "Grease" frankie avalon sings "Beauty School Drop Out"?

Which celebrity would be your spirit guide?

I digress! Point is, this morning when I woke up all my smiling celebrities were actually mocking me. Rough start.
One of the regular customers was in my area today. He likes to be the one to set everything out, welcome people in, and get everything the way HE wants it. He fronts that this is being "helpful" and to the staff and others but Dude, he's just being a control freak. (Plus he scalps OUR tips with this cuz other customers give him tips.) And then, after 6 hours, he makes a point of //loudly// pointing out that he's tipping us. "Never forget good staff!". And it is always a dollar. One freaking dollar. I mean, I always smile and take it with a big "thank you!"
Today I was getting something set up and he /reached across the money/ as I'm shouting at him "Wait! Wait! Wait!"

I did not hit him. I'm somewhat thankful.
I did glare at him and scold him. Made him lose face in front of the others.
I got no one dollar tip today. Which means I did not have to flick it back at him nor call him out on the ONE dollar crap. I'm thankful. Mostly.

Jam packed for 8 hours. Made $5 in tips in my first 5 hours. Made $15 from /one customer/ in my last hour.


I'm eating carbs. Leave me alone! :) Apple pie waiting at home.

I did volunteer to stay overtime so my coworkers could boogie on home to their families. Teamwork! It's half an hour= No biggie for me and happy dance for them.

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