alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Bo cat

I'm insane.

I felt a little wound on the back of Bo cat's neck um maybe 2 nights ago. Didn't pay much attention to it cuz he gets these things being a mostly outdoor cat. Next night I noticed it was still there. A little hard scabby, ya know? This morning I am giving him scritches and notice the scab is still there AND the tissue around it feels hard. I felt further and the hard lumpy bit is at least 2 inches long line.
So, I run him into the vet this afternoon (they made room, bless them.) The vet had to shave his neck (he's a poodle!) and the vet says "Yep. Infection. There's another bite on the bottom of his neck so it was a big animal that got him. We'll try anti-biotics and having you work the puss out a couple times a day. If that doesn't fix it then we'll do surgery."

Good news is no fever. He got a booster rabies shot because although his shots are up to date (THANK GOODNESS) - you never know. Ya know? I'm a little worried. If he gets rabies then so does Belle.

Now the fun part for both of us. I get to pump anti-biotics into large, squirmy cat's mouth and to squeeze his wound and... try to keep him inside for the next couple days.
Uh huh.

Maybe I should have asked for tranqs. For us both.
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