alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Poot there it is

My head injury still gives me random aches. Fyi.

In other news this was another lonnnnnnnnnnnng day. Too tired to go into politics & custmers. You win! :)

In other, other news, you know how I got all fed up waiting for that package to the point where I ordered the same damn thing again from a different company? THe new one arrived yesterday. I didnt expect it, so this morning when I opened it ...

Whoot whoot!

In other, other...hey news. I must give up DownMOO & all MOO at long last. I dont have anything that would get me into the program. Ah well.

I also can not remember my DW password! It has been months of trying. I cant get in to post. I hope Random and everyone is okay. Still a bit worried R hasnt posted anything. Good thoughts going that way. :/


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