alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Mind Control guest star

For the Doctor Who fans:

The actor who played The Editor in The Long Game will be a guest on that show Mind Control this Wednesday night on the Sci-Fi channel.
Looking very blond.

Mind Control. Have you seen it? It's good! This British fellow uses mis-direction, psychology, body language, and confusion to create some impressive effects on his subjects.

Like guessing within a dollar how much cash is in their wallet.
Like walking into a store and paying for items with blank sheets of paper. (And gets cash change!)
Like getting people to hand over their wallets, cell phone, watch...and then walk away.
Like getting an entire shopping mall to all raise their hands at the same time...without them realizing they've done it.

Honest, it is fun!
Tags: doctor who, tv

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