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Do you have someone(s) you can talk about sex with?

Once upon a time, I talked about smex. A lot. Mostly with my college friends. Cuz we had smex. Often with each other. Little commune going there. We talked about what went right, what went wrong, what was normal and what was not. How to? Who with? Do you? Have you? Ever want to? What does that mean? Is that even possible? You should see a doctor.
We talked about /everything/.

As we've drifted apart we've lost touch and I've one person left that I can have frank, honest conversations with regarding sex. The kind you /should/ have with an SO but cant. And I'm losing touch with that person too. She's got a life elsewhere.

I really miss it sometimes. Well, the sex too. But really, I miss the conversations way more.

(Edit: no, actually, I do not miss the sex. The joke was too obvious.)

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