alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

"Let's get some jelly in the mix"

Thank you, Giles.

At my place of work we get a LOT of customers from other countries. Coworkers as well, I add. So many that in one room we pipe in Chinese music to set the mood. This has been going on for years. Same songs. Years. I know the tunes by heart.
I sometimes also like to turn on the Latin music radio station when I'm in my car.
I've been obsessed with Indian music of late.

This week I suddenly /noticed/ that some of the lyrics in the piped in Chinese music? ENGLISH

Did he just sing, "baby girl, i love you"? Yes! Is this other song about a girl named Melody? Yes! Etc

O.o o.O

I dont know what it is about Hindi, but I think hearing the English mixed into it made my brain better at picking out patterns.
Whatcha know bout that?

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