alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Sat. Not in the park.

Tired. Didnt sleep. Manic and depressed. Over heated. My system is whack. And having to deal with twitchy drug abusers for hours yesterday just exhausts me. No, they admitted to it.

Missed music posting J Lo "Dinero"

F. I'm 2 rooms away from the TV and I can -STILL- hear vermin news clear as a bell. WTF

*grumble* so OVER their lie circus. That coworkers believe /that/ and insist all other news lies? Dude, why do you think that? Because the LIARS said so? WTf... Trutuful whitefoot, lying blackfoot. There is a solution but y'all are happy to **feelz** you are right. Not correct or accurate or the truth, just "right".

Which reminds me

That peanut haired & peanut brained babyhands has //trashed// the honor of our military. Those that bloody well -should- care? Where are they? Yeah, stand for the flag is "huge" but leave no man behind? Naaaaaah.
So pissed off. Chunderheads bitching about standing for the anthem... Turning their backs on our troops when they need support.

Hey, did you notice babyhands has also made it impossible for those that helped our troops to get visas to come to America with their families? Nearly impossible for the helpful person alone and zero chance for them to escape with their family. WTF.

And the whole stupidity of sheltering a woman who killed a teen in a car crash in...the UK? THE UK. Will not turn her over for trial in the UK. But babyhands thought inviting the grieving parents over to talk about it meant they should talk to the woman about it and just work things out. "Surprise! She's waiting in the next room! Wait, where are you going?"

This End Of The World is LAME. I demand a refund!

If I can swing a weekend off maybe I'll go join fonda in DC
Tags: politics

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