alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Omgoodness. So, am watching India movies on youtube, yes? Testing out new one "Thugs of Hindustan".
It is so /very/ "Pirates of Car". There are pirates, british soldiers, sword fight??
??s, cannons blowing up ships, pirates swinging on ropes, and way over the top characters. Plus the required kickarse girl, thank you.
I watch the trailer. Looks good, r??¡ight?

Then I watch one of the songs.

And fall off my chair laughing picturing Kiera Knightly and Johnny Depp suddenly breaking into a big cabaret number in the middle of a Pirates movie! TOO FUNNY.
But, of course, I can picture it. It would have more close ups and physical comedy.

Check out Barbosa and his gang

I think I need this movie
Tags: movies

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