alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Over the weekend I did not water the mums on the steps enough so they were dry and top heavy. Then the wind.
Came outside today to find all of them blown into a pile at the bottom of the stairs and half didnt even have their pots any longer.
New shorter mums bought. Try again.
Bought googly eyes to stick in the windows facing the street. Put up half dozen and checked them from the front lawn. Too tiny. Put up pumpkin placemats in the window instead. Good ol dollar store.
Kinda want to run (plastic) iron chains across the outside door like some monster is held inside way to secure them against a storm so nixed that idea.

In downer news, my friend has a store. Her uncle passed on and left a cat behind which became the store cat. Worked well because everybody loves on him and he is super tollerant. I resisted strongly the idea of adopting this cat but would visit with him whenever I stopped by. So I noticed when his belly was extra squishy last week. They took him to the vet and my friend called to say, "decisions are going to have to be made". He has a large mass tumor. :/
I stopped by yesterday and he was medicated and much more perky. He spent a happy hour ordering me around. "Pet me now. Not there. Scritches are acceptable. Pick me up. Walk me to the windows so I can look out. Lap time now. Give me fresh water from the tap. Who said you could stop paying attention to me?" Etc
All a cat really wants is a human to boss around.

I went back today and wash, rinse, repeat. But it is the quiet before the final storm, I know. I took pictures of him. My friend took a great picture of him.

So I'm a little down. And this is why I do not have a cat.

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