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Health. Iffy.
Hot flashes every day and night since this round started in...June? I'm channeling my inner Pele!

Blood sugar fasting number 108. A little high. My good chlrol is too low. I'm fat. Otherwise my numbers are excellent. I mean, my bmi would be fine if I were just taller... Right?

I havent thought about that whack on my head since before the family trip and then this Wednesday I noticed it twinging again.
Which reminds me, within minutes of that twinge I completely blanked on something. Which happens a little more often lately. Yesterday I forgot the code to open my phone. Like gone. Not even a guess. Blank. I had to stop trying all thought and let muscle memory get me in. Scary. I need to write that code down somewhere.

An insect (mosquito?) got caught under my clothing and bit the heck out of me at my waistline. I counted 15 bites in a 2 inch area. It doesnt itch but damn it hurts! For days it felt like somebody punched me. I've been putting stuff on it past couple. The band-aid adhesive is leaving red welts of its own so WTH is up with that?

You prob guessed I'm not sleeping. I'm having very brief but unfounded bouts of depression this week. I am now feeling more anxious. PMS rocks!

It has been 8 years since my Dad died. I dont know how I feel about that.
Tags: folks, health, mood

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