alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

See? Shiny. He's sending troops to the middle east just last week and i've already forgotten where!

SHINY DISTRACTION. What are we not looking at???

"Only slightly less well known is Never get involved in a land war in Asia!"

Didnt the Saudis buy like $$$B in weapons from us not so long ago? Did those completely fail? Cuz that's the impression. Just saying. Just looking.
I'm not saying this is what we're being distracted from. Just saying.

Meanwhile... On the radio a discussion on The Trolley Problem.
Remember The Trolley Problem? Runaway trolley will smash into a bunch of people on one track OR go on a side track where it will kill one workmen. You can switch the track or not. Do you? It is supposed to be a moral/ethical problem of few vs the greater good BUT. If you save a bunch of people & kill only one, the survivors, as a group, will realize you took the greater good option, logically, and as a group will share the guilty feeling and the gratitude and move on.

If you save the one, that person will bear the burden alone /and always remember you/. I think certain people would pick that option for that reason. The few will always remember you. I think they are blowing off the greater good for personal gain.
BUT then I suspect it gains power every time its name is used so.... ;)

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