alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Kir away

Family went out for drinks. We all ordered different drinks.
*sip* "Blek!"
*everyone switches drinks*
*sip* "ooooo i like this one!"

It all worked out in the end. Yay!

I switched my Kir ;champagne & current liquor aka cassis (could hardly taste the liquor) for an Aberol Spritz. Nommy!

Is citrus orange, very lightly bitter and some pleasant herbishness. I drink Pernod so that was perfect. Very refreshing over ice. The garnish however...spiral cut cucumber and fresh peas? With half a plant of mint? I mean not a sprig of mint. No, this was most of the plant and it stuck up out of the top of the glass a good 6 inches.
I drank it all.

It also had just a touch of Seedlip in it. Which I just looked up and it seems interesting for a non-booze. Had it?
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