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It is Sunday. I'm doing boring posts today.

When was the last time you used a port-a-potty?

I went to Ren Fair. I keep promising myself that I wont but I still do cuz Fall. I wore normal clothes cuz it is too long a haul and frankly I am no longer click-bait no matter what I wear. If I'm going to be ignored, why bother? Which of course means I bought a new skirt...that I wont wear. You know how I've been struggling to put together my gold & blue Musketeer-ish outfit? A big part of the struggle (other than SEWING) is that the corsets I can find are not gold but cream or orange or yellow. In a sudden brainstorm I thought if I have a short cream skirt over the gold over-skirt then that would break it up enough to enable a cream corset. Ah! I mean, I could try to ask for a custom corset with the gold fabric but I dont want to shell out $400+. /At least not all at once/
Then I got trapped in the glass jewelry shop. Shiny! I ended up getting 2 pendants for me & 1 for a friend. I'm disappointed that I failed to notice the bales are NOT real silver. For that price? Sheesh.

As long as I'm talking shopping - for the big trip I bought 2 pairs of pants, 3 bras, 1 scarf and a vera bradley bag. I had been looking for a shirt, mind you. Malls kinda suck for finding specifics. The bag was free, I dont know if I mentioned?
On the trip I bought myself a magnet and a key fob. The coasters by a local artist, the mugs, the postcards, wine and other stuff I cant think of ATM are presents.

I dunno if I'll go back to Ren Fair this year or not...

Music: AB rapping in "Kahbi nahi" is adorable
Tags: shopping

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