alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Dude... Meddle not in the affairs of dragons

My day started with my break person coming over to start my break while I was doing something that requires supervisor approval. I was calling but couldnt get her attention so I ask my breaker to get her attention.
Keep in mind he's not doing anything until I can step away and the supervisor is one step behind him but facing the other way.
Him, "Why would I do that?"
Me, pause, "Because it is my freaking break time?"
Him, "That's not my problem."
Me, longer pause, "I /will/ remember this..."

Yeah. Fun with coworkers.

No, I did not turn him into management for being a (useless piece of dangling male anatomy!). Because it is morning and /I/ give people leeway for being low on coffee first thing in the morning. Nor did I trash other people's breaks when he shorted mine all day long. Because I'm not a ****. However,
I shall remember this.

He's freakin high at work. THIS is what making it legal does, mmkay? Most people do NOT use "responcibly" and the rest of us have to adjust /our/ lives to accomidate the ****s who use drugs to make /their/ lives easier. Easier for them. Ticks me off. "Dont do drugs, kids!" Except we'll bend over backwards for you if you do and screw over the people who dont.
Rant rant rant blah blah blah
Tags: work whines

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