alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

The leaves are turning. It hasnt even been cold at night. Not yet.

Oh, you remember those "unexplained mysteries" type of shows that used to be on? Like Nimoy would be there, "maybe...maybe not?" Bigfoot, area 51, loch ness...
It's back! Last night was on "Mothman"
Psychic hotlines are back too. I dont know what that says about us as a society right now.
Howsomeever...maybe it is a good thing? To show a whole series of weird, outrageous stuff and debunk it? So people can see that whichever weird theory they have is /also/ on the show and maybe, hey, IT is crackpot
Just like all the other stories?
Or are we more likely to have people see theirs included and rather than rethink it they just believe a whole bunch of additional crazy?
I dunno.

Dont call the psychics. Ask me, cuz I charge less!

Coworker said, "ny times lies. They published 3 Ways To Take Down Trump and that's all I need to know about them."
Which I looked up. Cuz I like to FACTCHECK? It was an opinion piece. By an opinion colunmist. So yes, they published it but it wasnt an article nor an editorial. It was not The NY Times.
And when I googled nytimes "how to take down" a LOT of opinion pieces came up on a whole bunch of subjects from big tech to castro. It is a popular title.
Then I read the opinion piece and it ISNT even about that! It is about Muller being boring in his testimony. Period. Not "omg muller failed us!" No. It is so not that that I cant figure out why it would have "how to take down" as a title except as pure clickbait?

So. My peeps. I must urge you to FACTCHECK, as best you can. We, as an Informed, Educated, Voting Population, are responcible to BE informed, educated and /then/ voting.

And yez, Biden said he'd cure cancer if elected. *eyeroll* Then babyhands said he'd cure childhood cancer /and/ AIDS.
Why just childhood cancer? Whats up with that?

(Edit: coworker is a dedicated vermin news fan so it is NOT like he only just decided to dismiss NYT as liars over /this/ opinion piece. Duh.)

BTw, do we still know the difference between an article, an opinion piece and an editorial?

My head still hurts. Too much braining.
Ow ow ow. This whole post hurt.

Oh wait! Yeah the family is taking Mother out to fancy pants restaurant next month. I am freaking with nothing to wear that is fancy pants. That I /fit/ into. *flail*

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