alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Wishes and genies, boys and girls

Because I think about fairytales and I've been watching Aladin...
Someone online complained that in Aladin (2009) he just wants the girl. "What about world peace? What about ending world hunger? Way to waste your wishes!"
Hey! Aladin is a teenage boy? and one with a hard life? Back off with your "woke" self!

Which got me thinking about wishes. In fairytales the girl wishes for A Child. Snow White, Rupunzel, Thumbalina, Tom Thumb, etc etc.
Or she wants to marry a Prince. Sometimes she wants to fall in love with and /then/ marry the Prince.
But that's the range for girl wishes.

Boys want to BE a Prince, make their fortunes, find adventure, prove they are clever and brave, marry the beautiful princess and rule the kingdom. They get magic horses, magical musical instruments, magic weapons, magic animals...

Wth is that? Let's all stop with that sexist crap. Let's give the Prince a child and send him off to happily raise it. Let's give the girl a magic sword and let her clever her way through the dark woods and get the treasure. Let's give the girl what she really wishes for - Freedom

Sidenote: been meaning to post this for weeks. This seems like the time.

Basically, sure, showing girls good role models is a great idea but what message does it //really// send when we tell boys they cant look up to those girls too? "You cant have a Wonder Woman backpack - it's for girls!"

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