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In other news... My new favorite Plant/Page song is "Wonderful One". A slow paced song. The guitar is hypnotic. And Plant does these unexpected things with his voice that click with me. The playing with synchopetion, the chord changes, the bending of notes - it is what I like about Bing Crosby. Bing is the best at it, but Plant can do it too and I like it.

But damn Plant and Page can rock the bleep out when they want. "The Wanton Song"

"Carry Fire". Man, the lyrics... Scalding

Part of me wants to go see him, (and The Who for that matter,) in concert. The part that holds the wallet tho, it says "No, not spending hundreds to go squint to see tiny people a football field away while listening to bad audio. Stay home with Youtube."
Ah well...

Edit: music is usually something to change my mood. Been trying. I was pleased to rediscover Cinderella "Shelter Me" video. It brings back a lot of silly memories and is my fav of theirs.

It is just not really doing the trick this time. For now.

How do i stream tv from australia, she wondered?
They have a different dvd region as I recall.
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