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Playing in the (Oliver) Reeds

I have run across what appears to be a silly period piece of fluff movie called "The Assassination Bureau" which stars Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed and.. Telly Savalas. Amongst others. Prob has a host of cameos.,_Ltd

This secret bureau is /supposed/ to kill off corrupt, nasty, immoral people in power but has itself become corrupt.
Diana's character goes to the above mentioned bureau and talks to the head man (Reed) about hiring an assassination. Of himself. He agrees! The bureau goes after him while he goes after the bureau. As the bodies pile up Rigg's character follows along with Reed's for a bit of movie romance. Because why else would she? I am amused to see Diana so young and wide-eyed and soooooo Rigg.
First sentence of the book:
"He was a handsome man, with large liquid-black eyes, an olive complexion that was laid upon a skin clear, clean, and of surpassing smoothness of texture, and with a mop of curly black hair that invited fondling – in short, the kind of a man that women like to look upon, and also, the kind of a man who is quite thoroughly aware of this insinuative quality of his looks."

I think I need this movie. :)

In related youtubiness...Oliver Reed beats up Malcolm McDowell. With a sword. Why? I dont know!
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