alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Train (wreck ) ing

See? This is what happens without a manual. 1 giant hoss, 3 big bosses and 2 reg bosses all standing around trying to figure out what to do when the machine does something strange. They stand around staring it at and bouncing different ideas off each other and everything is frozen for 20 minutes until they say "what the hell" and start pressing random buttons.
They are on a different shift. No one gave them any instructions at all.
Which, frankly, is part of the power struggle amongst the higher ups. No one /wants/ to pass on important information because if someone else looks stupid - you look smarter! They get fired and you get a promotion!

And even with the very best of intentions the Telephone Game (or the Whisper Game) is no way to train people.

OMG! It's like Pinky and The Brain!

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think so, Brain. But burlap chafes me so."

Sidenote to my boss: I completely understand and sympathise that you /just walked in/ and everything was a mess. I know that my /also/ having machine issues while you are waiting for someone to help you fix this crap is an added assault on your pre-coffee morning BUT. BUT I /also/ have customers waiting for ME and you are standing way over there twiddling your thumbs. It's been 15 minutes I'm waiting and trying to let you know I also have an issue, that I'm not just standing here for the fun of it. Dont you DARE come at me yelling that I "need to learn to shut up and wait."
YOU need to f'ing open your mouth and acknowledge ME. You say "Just a minute!" or "Yes, I'm doing this & then I'll help you!" Or even just hold up your hand but you ACKNOWLEDGE ME. You let me know so I can let my customers know that YOU know we're waiting.

I am not backing down from this. He wrong.
Tags: work whines

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