alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Stil ouch?

My head /still/ hurts. I mean it isnt constant any longer but it twinges and I'm taking tylenol which might be why it isnt constant and..
My thinking also isnt working. I've been going home earlyish most of the week.

I've a new bruise on my leg that looks like a butterfly. Kinda pretty. I'd like to get a tat someday. Need a good artist.

In other news : I rescued a bird! A bird had flown in at work and it was flying around the back hall & cafeteria. It got stuck in the ladies bathroom so I chased it until it got too exhausted to fly and then I quickly tossed my plastic bag over it and rushed it outside where it flew away. Yay! I mean, I hate stressing the poor little thing like that but it /needs/ to be outside.
Tags: health

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