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CGI and the Uncanny Valley

Ah. This is possibly why I hate CGI.

I was searching for something else and ran across this. Have you heard of The Uncanny Valley? Basically the hypothesis is that the more human-like one makes a puppet or robot or whatever - the more humans like it. Right? UNLESS you make it almost completely passable for human. Then those last few details, the wrongness of them is repulsive.

If you plotted the attractiveness on a graph it would go up and up and up and then right at the end plummet into a valley of "EW!".

One of the animators on Shrek said they had to back off of the reality on the Princess because it was starting to feel like they were animating a corpse. Creepy.

with the quote and the Shrek stuff ->

Oh and Mystery is on. Agatha and Richard E Grant. Goddess, someone PLEASE FEED THIS MAN. He looks unhealthy. And possibly about to have his sharp edges cut his suit into pieces.
<.< >.>
Me: Thankfully he had large eyes. Or you'd have to nail a painting on that flat expanse of a forehead to break up the space.
10thDoctor: (has been trying to imagine what painting it would be)
Me: possibly The Scream. He could have modeled.
10thDoctor: before/after

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