alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Work is full of stupid

We just got a new computer system in. New machines, new network, new operating system, new procedures, new widgets. It is like the old stuff but not the same.
Work has AGAIN decided that the best way to get the hundreds of people who will use this stuff up to speed is NOT by writing down...
"To do X - Step 1, Step 2, Step 3"
"When you hit the wrong button - step 1, step 2"
"When the machine hiccups while doing X- step 1, step 2"

Noooooo. It is all by word of mouth. HA!
And it isnt even as if anyone gets /trained/. Noooo.
It is only explained as need arises. And then it is explained like...

Okay i just overheard this exchange --
Worker: "We need to change the paper in the machine. Do we change it in both machines at the same time?"
Big Boss: "Do it like you've been doing it all day."
Worker: "This is my first time changing paper."
Big boss snarks: "You havent changed paper today?"
"No. First time."
Snark: "All day long?
Snark: "This is your -first- time changing paper?"
Snark: "The -whole- day?"
Worker: "I'm the breaker. This is the first time it has happened while I'm here today."
Big boss angry: "Yes! You change both machines!"

Worker goes away. I say to big boss, "We need a manual so people know what to do."
Big boss: "Or they could just /listen/!"

I just walked away with that bit of IRONY in my pocket. Ya know?

Here's another thing, IF the workers were smart enough to learn and retain everything forever after being told ONCE (assuming the instruction is even correct) - Boss, they'd be smarter than you and have /your job/. Right? So count your dumb little blessings, dumdum. And demand a manual so you dont look stupid getting things wrong yourself?

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