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Good luck to those in the path of storm Barry!

NYC is in a blackout. Cause might be a fire near an electrical substation? 40k out.

Man armed with rifle was throwing incendiary devices at a migrint detention center in Washington state and trying tobset the building on fire. Vehicle in parking lot set on fire. Police have shot him. Ok, I had to look the story up because it confused me what was going on. Tenn LAW requires their Gov to sign a proclamation that sets aside 6 honor the state's Confederates? They are confederate people and one was a KKK grand dragon? The Gov signed it and declared, "I have to. It is the law." But declined to make a comment on the law. Which means the Gov is busy shrugging, "hey, our congress should decide if they want to change it.". While the state congress is waving in outrage and saying that they are waiting for the Gov to do something. So everyone gets to look ever so political without doing anything. La!
"The same law that mandates Nathan Bedford Forrest Day, Tennessee Code 15-2-101, mandates a Robert E. Lee Day for Jan. 19 -- in honor of the famous Confederate general. It also requires an Abraham Lincoln Day, on Feb. 12, and Andrew Jackson Day, on March 15."

Yeah and I dont know if I BELIEVE this one...Ha! See what I did there? And I have serious doubts.
Half a million people have clicked that they want to join a guy who wants to "storm Area 51" with as many people as possible to "see them aliens!". In September.
I just... You read the story. You'll see.
The idea of running faster than bullets is telling, as if there needed more telling.

USA Teachers --- Target and many other stores are having TEACHER DISCOUNTS right now on school supplies and more! Check em out!

ICE raids start tomorrow. :/


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