alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Jello. Pretty, but I wouldnt eat em.

I can not isolate a pic of the cake I really want to show you. It made me go "OH! Wrong!" And laugh. So click for yourselves?

Now I really want a headband with cat ears, unicorn horn and a mermaid tail down the back. You know it is out there.
This is

I did just discover that there's a cake bake fails TV show on netflix called "Nailed It!". This will cut to the chase for you...

I know, this is a bloody weird part to add to this post but I dont want to post too often and spam your feed. So stuff like this happens!

I forgot to mention that Eva Modes Kor, a vocal advocate for holocaust survivors, passed away. She started the CANDLES organization. The documentary on her showed her to be an amazing person.
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