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Blah myself

BTW, this all started when my mother got a headache. Followed by nausea. She was taking painkillers for the headache which made the nausea worse and she couldn't keep anything down for days. Not even water.
(Small break here for a twitch. I was explaining this to a coworker who piped up, "That happened to my Mom! She couldn't keep anything down for 2 weeks." Um...NO. Humans tend to DIE if they don't have food or water for 2 weeks. Kind of like what was happening to my mother after 4 days. ffs.)
Anyway, last night I was at the folks house and I'd had dinner and gotten mother settled in for the night. I went downstairs to watch some TV and started to get a headache. Which I passed off as eyestrain from reading. But it got worse. And then I felt nausea. Which got worse. Coinkydink?
So I didn't take /anything/ and retreated to my bed where I hoped to sleep it off. Which seems to have worked. I was only mildly ill in the morning and nibbled on crackers for the first half of the day. All better now.
I wonder if it was a virus or bacteria or something in the house. Dad and Gran have been fine. But I told Dad, just in case. Forewarned. I hope they stay healthy.
I had no idea that my mother's health is so fragile. I mean, I've known she gets sick often, but this is news.
Tags: family, health

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