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Be more discrete

Apparently I should look this word up. My mother is now upset that my Gran told her hairdresser that she was in the hospital and she's upset with me for telling my cousin.
Hello? This is family? They may want to know when you are in the hospital?
She's upset with me. In that, "I'm not telling you anything ever again" kind of a way. But discretely. Because she didn't /say/ that. She used her tone of voice and choice of words. So it sounded all pleasant and "Oh your cousin called btw..." We do a lot of communication in this manner.
Discrete. Mother should look it up as well.

Oh and their hairdresser? She's THE most discrete woman in the county. She has a wonderful way with people. I was admiring her people skills while she cut my Gran's hair. Amazing how she knows exactly what to say for every occasion and how to draw people out. I envy. The haircuts are okay. ;)
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