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It is Summer.
Is it? It doesnt feel like it. It does feel like time is racing along. Guess what? Today is rainy and overcast. Act surprised. And I say that /knowing/ that as soon as we get sunny days it will be incredibly hot and uncomfortable until the next frost. Unfair for 'temperate' areas, I must say. I shall prob have to cave and put in an air conditioner this year and I'm so not looking forward to that after managing pretty much my entire life without one. It is going to fall out I can already tell. It will crush my utility bill.
Le sigh.

My allergies are going crazy. I am getting coughing and sneezing fits which are Oh So Fun when I'm at work and can not turn away from my station. You know you can't really yell for someone to get you a tissue when you're having a coughing fit? Yay.
Allergies. Which is to say that my workplace has been doing oodles of new construction and repair of old areas all of which stirs up decades of dust and crap and material aaaaand there's no way to open a window. Yay. Plus the smokers. Yay.

Hmm. Kinda grouchy today? Yes! *coughhacksnort*

Happy almost birthday, Dad.

Btb, I've a guilty secret. I'm not watching the world cup. I tried, but the one on one style in the games I've glimpsed just isnt interesting to me. I'm a bad girl!
Tags: folks, health, work whines

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