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Remember WENN

Once upon a time American Movie Classic network created a tv show. Remember WENN. And it was good.
It was wonderful. The writing, the characters, the actors, the guest stars were amazing. The show was smart, sweet, witty, twisted, romantic, funny, frantic, heart-breaking, scary, surprising, and sometimes musical.
What's not to love?

Now let me tell you the show was a period piece set in a local radio station in Pennsylvania during the 1940s. I cant think of an episode where action happened outside the building and you might think that would be claustrophobic - Nope. Writing is everything. Characters are everything.

Something reminded me yesterday and I've been scanning the internet for any bits I can find and I remember how much I loved this show. I Remember WENN.

But the Rat Bastards at AMC yanked it off the air! They REFUSE to release it on DVD, they wont allow anyone to stream it, /and/ they go after any fan who uploads content and slaps them with cease or we sue.
Still to this day!

WENN: small radio station struggling to stay on the air which requires finding and keeping sponsors and listeners, while filling up 12+ hours of dead air with new mostly live programs. Every day.

Betty: she starts as the intern and immediately gets swept up in the chaos. But she's smart and (barely) up to the challenge of saving the day. Of course there's tomorrow starting first thing in the morning...

Victor: the boss. Strait laced, stoic, heroic, and dependable...depending upon which fire needs putting out first. Betty has eyes for him.

Jeff and Hillary: Married. The gorgeous radio stars who act like movie stars. Both with that almost-British clipped voice and high opinions of themselves. Lots of sniping.

Mackie: the man of a thousand voices with the humble looks of an everyman, not a hero. The backbone of the whole production, every production.

Maple: the sass from the streets. Yes, Maple and Hillary often get along like 2 cats in a bag.

Scott Sherwood: might be a con man. Might be the best salesman they've ever got. Saint or sinner he kinda has eyes for Betty.

Mr Foley: the sound effects guy. (See? Witty!)

Mr. Eldridge: could be a sweet dottering elderly man working past retirement. Or catch him at the right moment and his wisdom is gold.

Etc etc. It is an ensemble. Like The Office only with people you can //like//.

I mentioned music yes?

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