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Before I forget..
Wait. Too late. It is completely gone now.

I picked up a coffee table book of Pulitzer Prize winning photes. 1942-1982. (Ish)


These are not fun photos. I had no idea that photographers were just around everywhere living with their cameras in hand. That they react so often to danger with a squeeze of a finger. That they run towards the disaster.
So many photos taken just a breath before or in the instant of. It is haunting. So many in the moment after as the realization sets in.
So many horrible moments frozen in time.

And it is kind of startling to see a moment like that frozen in front of you. To have the chance to study it as long as you want. Try to read the expressions.

But i learned there was an assasination by sword, that that hotel in Atlanta is surely haunted, and that as Not Normal as this time is - some incredibly Not Normal stuff happened before too.

Meanwhile, Babe Ruth is cheered as he retires

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