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Some deaf blockhead has turned the volume up on vermin news over yonder...

Meanwhile! Other blockheads in Boston have decided they just cant stand not being the center of the universe so they have declared they will hold a "Strait Pride Parade!"
Because strait white men are so...often killed for being strait. Or white. Or male.
For being Not Gay. For being Not Of Color. For being Not Women and Not Trans...

Now I neeeeeeeeed to share GOOD POLITICAL NEWS

Nevada and Illinois have both passed laws called "We TRUST Women". These are laws stating that YES women /can/ choose to have abortions in the state! Legal! Aint that a kick? Trusting women to make adult choices?
WOW! :)

I dance for them! I weep that my state has no such law.
I wonder if the Equal Rights amendment will ever get radified by that one. last. state. needed
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