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Vermin news is just bald faced lying now. How DO they get away with that? I have turned it down and moved to the other side of the cafe.

Meanwhile, John Bercow was at the Bookings institute to be interviewed. It was pretty good. He dodged a bit and overall was supremely self-confident to the point of being a bit off-putting. However when they opened the floor to questions they allowed 3 different people to ask 3 different questions and /then/ he answered them, in order, in some depth, and with scarcely a pause between. He also remembered everyone's name and where they said they came from. For each round of questions. That's some serious mental gymnastics, if you ask me.
Plus, you know, the very occasional brit slang, "ands and buts, apples and nuts". Etc

Meanwhile! I have not gone back to the finger knitting because the rush of new adventure has worn off and I'd like to figure out how to attach the sections together before proceeding so I can tell myself it will BE something and I'll have a project goal.

Meanwhile, back at the justice league...
Have I mentioned I sometimes watch movies in other languages? Without subtitles? Movies that I havent seen before? It's kinda fun. Works best with action movies. Like, i dont think The Notebook would be good this way. Aeon Flux became a slightly different movie when viewed without any English. At least, I'm pretty sure what I decided was the plot was not actually the plot. MY version is better, of course. ;)

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