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So this morning I get a call from my Dad and my machine picks up.
"Hi Hon, it's Dad. I was hoping to catch you at home. I'll try your cell phone."
Which give me pause because what does he want to talk to me about that he doesn't leave it on the machine? He never calls my cell phone because I leave it off 99% of the time.
In the car on the way to work, I call their house. No answer. Hmm. This is very odd. He wants to get in touch with me and he's out of the house?
I call his cell phone. We don't get past exchanging loud "Hello?"s before the connection gets dropped. The coverage in my area sucks moose hoof. But it leaves me holding my phone and getting a sudden flush of worry. Was it the connection or...
"Either the connection is breaking down or my Dad is breaking down" ,I say to my passenger. *Long pause* "No no. Everything is fine. Right? Right!"
I call Dad back.
This time I get through and his voice is calm. Whew! But here's what he tells me: Turns out my mother is in the hospital. She passed out at home a day or so ago and was taken into the hospital. Woke up on the stretcher. They sent her home again saying she was dehydrated and needed more tests. Did I mention this already? Anyway, something else must have happened because she's in the hospital for the weekend now and it has something to do with her being low on Sodium. Maybe. They'll run tests, but they don't run tests on the weekends. You know.
It's impossible for me to tell how serious this is because they never tell me anything. Family tradition. Which is why I have so little information to go on right now.

This is all fairly interesting because I haven't really thought of my Mother dying before my Gran or my Dad or even my brothers or myself. We're all greater risks, ya know? So this is something I shall have to chew on for awhile.

I'll tell you about my passenger some other while.
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