alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

You know what I miss about Disney? Them having and supporting different art styles. Remember those days?

Here's a surprise. Babyhands doesnt want the $20 bill changed so his Treasury Secretary has nixed it. Specifically, Jackson is currently on the bill. Babyhands likes him. Harriet Tubman, a Black Woman, hero of the Underground railroad was /supposed/ to replace him next year. Her chance got pushed back again to 2028. Treasury guy claims this is due to the "security features" not being ready. Meanwhile the $50 and $10 will be rolled out with their new security features. Which are good enough? WTH?
I mean, we all knew hitler babyhands was neeeeever gonna let her happen, but I still have to call him and his cronies out on it. Out!

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