alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I'm about to get real political here and bang my drum.
Look away.

I'm with you Leslie Jones!

You know how I know this is a War on Women? There are no laws proposed /anywhere/ to do jacksh*t to the MEN! None. Nadda. Nothing. Show me one. Aint.

You know how I know this has nothing to do with "poor wittle innocent childwren?" Cuz there are no laws proposed for taking care of them! No healthcare coverage. No family medical leave. No daycare. No money. Nadda.

This is about them wanting the right to f*ck women.

Chambliss, the dirtbag who sponsored the bill in Alabama said out loud, "The egg in the lab doesnt apply. It is not in a woman. She's not pregnant."

Okay great! Then there is no problem! All we want to do is to take it OUT of the woman! You want to freeze it afterwards're crazy but I'm willing to humor you. So glad we are on the same page now.

Banning kills women, destroys women and destroys families. Fantasies about punishing lustful harlots are FANTASIES and y'all need to visit a well-run dungeon and get this "tingly feeling" paddled out of you. Really, you'll feel SO much better after! Maybe you should push for legislation so you get healthcare coverage for that? MMm spanky spanky!

All these legislators /including the women going along with it!!!/ They need to not ever have sex. Ever. They have no idea how it works. They are banned from it.
I'm perfectly willing to help by not having sex with any of them. I'm very civic minded.

(Shout out to anne hathaway who remembered to call out the women involved in passing this crap.)
Tags: political

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