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The Runaway Bride part 2

As things come to me, I'll edit this post. Meanwhile...back at the ranch...

I loved the bit where the three of them are on Segways (I don't care how they are spelled) and as I'm thinking, "okay, now they're just being..." - Donna cracks up. Cuz it is so absurd! LOL

I loved Donna bursting into tears and then winking.

I liked the Doctor being manic. Science! Whee!

"She's alive. She's so very alive." Aw.

I liked the bit where he was driving the TARDIS with a piece of twine. I'm not so sure about all the frelling tweaking they're doing with what the TARDIS is able to do. It's a bit annoying. What, now it can fly strait up? Make snow? I mean...ARGH.

Small mention as well to the all-powerful, psychic sonic screwdriver. Point and go! Gimme a break.

I do like, and kind of marvel at, the Doctor's strange way of taking on companions at the drop of a hat. He's known Donna only a few minutes and he's protecting her.

Then there is that way the Doctor has of "You have to look at the bigger picture". In the midst of chaos he can not stop and make bandages. Which is, to me, a KEY to the Doctor's personality. He's not a physician. He's the Doctor. He's protecting one being. He's protecting a planet. It's a delicate balance of choices he dances. Sometimes he missteps. "You need someone to make you stop."

Yeah and then they're laughing both at the big boom? WTH?

I know, I'm sorry if these posts ramble around and make vague references. I hope you can keep up!

---------------------Edit: I also liked...
"I couldn't get rid of you if I tried." Aw.

"I'll sort it out, Donna. Whatever's been done to you I'll reverse it. I'm not about to lose someone else." He sounds so sincere.

"I think he wants us to talk! Well, tough!" How very Avengers.

"Only a madman talks to thin air. And, trust me, you don't want to make me mad."

"The chance to go out there. To see it. The size of it all. I think you understand that, don't you Doctor."

"...And YOU have never been so quiet!" ROFL

I love that the Doctor didn't catch her swing. Love.

Now, is that REALLY the furthest back the Doctor has gone? I don't think so.

Doctor and companion. In the Avengers which did you prefer? Steed with Tara hanging off of him or Steed with Emma along? I wonder if the Doctor/Romana pairing was supposed to be more Emma-ish. If so then it failed. I want more Sherlock with Watson along. (Okay, specifically as done by Brett because that version didn't belittle or buffoon poor Watson.)
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