alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Work amongst the Empire

Another irritating thing about working in "rich people" area that is uber annoying is...the supervisors. They believe they are the Elite. They have "the knowledge".
Oddly this means that when any new person comes in they seem to assume this "knowledge" floods into everyone's pores from the very rare air of the surroundings. AKA no one tells you -nuttin- ...until you screw up by doing things the NORMAL WAY. This (somehow) egregious error then allows the supervisors to descend and inflict their best snooty scorn upon the unelightened, "That's not how we do things Here."

When honestly it would take less than 5 minutes to take anyone aside beforehand and ask, "Have you been in here before?" And when there's a "No" just lay out the differences so that everyone is on the same page and the customers get the experience they expect.
But my workplace seems less and less inclined towards customer service. Which brings me to this - if you treat your employees like crap then Yes your best and brightest are going to leave first chance they get. If you then treat those who stay like they are the chaft then Yes, they will be the chaft. If you want good employees you need to invest the time and effort into building them up into the best and brightest and treat them like they have value. This is not done via half-arsed Customer Service Training. Nor by a once a year pep rally. WE KNOW YOUR ARE LYING.
Y'all need to get a culture of valuing people by starting from the top down. If your managers ignore this you've wasted everyone's time and money.
Tags: work whines

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