alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Just another day in Merica

I really want to know how these people get elected but I fear the answer is "dumber people VOTE for them!"

Sorcery? O.o

In other news - another school shooting. There was one last week. Do I need to make a tag for F's sake?
Thoughts of 'winning' Prayers of stock market...

Come to think, babyhands hasnt said anything this time.

What I am thinking is that in both shootings a very brave young person DIED while trying to stop the gunman. A good kid died saving others. The kind of kid, no, person, we need far more of in the world and now there are fewer.
I dont know what kind of thought or prayer to give that.

My county tis of thee

My country is insane...
My country's lost its brain...
Of thee I sing.

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