alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Met gala. Disappointing.
1) Ugly is not = "camp".
2) No one wore a canvas tent, or anything close. I mean, Helloo?
I guess the lamp dress was my favorite of a bad lot. (She should have had a grand piano following her.) Maybe Barbie doll for the commitment to its own non-camp theme.

All the Kardash-eeks had to do to be on theme was show up. This does not earn them any points.

I am pondering taking a class in fabric draping and/or dress making. But finding the class, the time & space in my apartment are all stacked agin it.

I need a dress form. I am reluctant to spend $250-300 for one.

Did I buy fabric &trim today? Yes, I did!
Tags: shopping

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