alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,


You know why we're losing?

This History Channel 'expert' going on about how a big rock in Rhode Island that has some runes carved in it (date carved unknown but zero historical records mention "huh. WEird rock." Ya know?) and ONE of the 10 runes is an "X"...he says this is PROOF the Knights Templar were in America before the Vikings because the Knights Templar liked to use an "X"
And the interviewer is all "Amazing!"

*head explode*

Proof??? WtF "proof"??

THE HISTORY CHANNEL. How the flying F does this pure crap get on the HISTORY channel?

And that is why we're losing.

(Edit to add: HA! Babyhands is bitching about the horse race? Yeah, cuz ruuuuules are only "PC". Interfering with a other runners is OK as long as you win. Oh I do 'wonder' why he would think that? ROFL!)
Tags: political, tv

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