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Weekend with Gran

Rental car go vroom!

My Grandmother is THE Best Person in the world. I mean it! Or at least in my world. She makes Catholics look awesome. I'll never be as nice. So I had a really wonderful time hanging out with her and looking at picture albums and stuff. :> Love my Grammy!

On the way home, I had the whim to follow signs pointing to a estate sale. Which disappeared somewhere along the road and were replaced by signs to a craft sale. I turned into this tiny little clump of tiny little cottages off the main road, parked and headed for the antique store first. Because the 'craft fair' turned out to be 3 tables which held costume jewelry and not crafts. (Apparently the rich get confused on such quaint terms.) The antique store was closed, damnit, so I headed into the next open door. One of those stores that is cluttered with items from the baskets on the floors to the suncatchers thumbtacked to the rafters. It took a couple minutes for me to catch on because there was just so much stuff. But the entire back room was FOOD FROM THE UK!!
I am now sitting here sipping Irn Bru! (Because agentcompassion has brainwashed me.) I have UK chocolate! OMG OMG. Ripple, Flake, Aero, and Double Decker. And Jelly Babies! And McVities Digestives. And...JAFFA CAKES! Jacobs, a brand I haven't tried before. And I can actually /eat/ them instead of hoarding them away because I don't have to beg friends in the UK to send them to me. Which reminds me - They had Kinder Eggs! I have Kinder Eggs!
*passes out from the GLEE*
How much glee? The shop keepers were highly bemused and more than a little frightened by the glee, K? And I was being incredibly subdued about it outwardly, I assure you. I have a catalog. *snoopy dance*

(edit: oops! I also I bought a tea towel that explains the game of Cricket. Heh! Text here )

Riding the glee wave home, I decided to stop at the beach. Bea-u-ti-ful day. I walked from one end to the other not looking at all the shades of humanity in their lingerie. Isn't it amazing how it's okay to shed clothing there but not elsewhere? Small children do very good impressions of seagulls. (So do some teenage girls.) Seagulls look the same the world over. Except that they don't. There are the ones that are snowy white heads with gray wings and black tails. Some like that with black heads and white eyes. Some are mottled brown. What beautiful shades. Islands in the ocean have bathtub rings around the base. The ocean in New England is not blue. It looks blue on the surface, but it is a dingy brown/green in the rise of the waves that run up to kiss your feet. Sometimes the waves get excitably passionate. ;) The ocean's color changes from left to right and right to left. Green where the sun penetrates and silvery where it just skims the surface. Light and dark shades of blue between. I must remember this the next time I paint it. Lovely was to spend the last of a perfect summer day.

Which brings me to the worst of the day. I got home after THREE days of being away and discovered that MY FRONT DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN. The screen door was closed but the wooden door, the door that is supposed to lock and keep me and my stuff safe - wide open! There were both of my cats looking at me "Where have you been?" Wide open. That's the bad. The good is that there was no thug lurking around inside waiting for me to return and nothing was missing. I have very honest neighbors. And/Or a very frightening apartment. It's a toss up.
Three days. Two nights with the door open and the kitchen light on. No car in the driveway.
Yay that the neighbors, and specifically the gentleman who lives in the back apartment and must walk past my door to get to his place, all left my stuff alone. Even the teenagers across the way with a beautiful view into my front door resisted. Boo that no one took the clue and closed the freaking door!


The problem appears to be that certain weather conditions (apparently 'nice' is included) cause the wood and the metal to decide to not cooperate. When I shut the door it makes the click but can get the whim to pop open in the breeze. @whee, indeed. Must be fixed.

What a weekend. What did you do? :)

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