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The Runaway Bride

For those who don't watch Doctor Who, that's the episode that just aired on Sci-Fi channel. know I don't like the one hour format. It sucks moose hoof. Maybe I need to watch the show s-l-o-w-l-y over 3 hours or so. It did seem to help.
Okay, first off, I like Donna. Yes! She reminds me a bit of Jo. Normal. Pretty damn complex for only being in one episode. Brave, loyal and ready to spit in the eye of the monster. "Oy!" That's companion material. She'd develop. Companions should be scared. They should need things explained and they should grasp what is being explained. I mean, really, Donna may not be as knowledgeable as the Doc, but she was able to cut to the chase even before he did. Before the audience did. "What did you do that for?" How often does that happen?
I like her. But then I like the odd ones.

The episode. Was a bit manic, but again that might be the one hour format scraping on me like a chalkboard. The music I kinda liked but it was sort of...cartoonish? Just me?
I spent a good deal of time rewinding to try to figure out what the HELL they were saying with those heavy accents. I truly enjoyed the relationship dynamic of Donna and the Doc. He's never been so manic and she was delightfully "Oy! Focus!" I wonder how they'd keep that going. The banter was GREAT. "Good luck, Lance."

"I'm in my WEDDING DRESS!"
"Yes! You look lovely! Now COME ON."

Oh, she's not thick at all. She's the smartest yet. She said No.
"But you've seen it out there. It's /beautiful/."
"And it's /terrible/!"
That's the Doctor summed up.

I didn't really understand why they were recycling monsters from last Xmas, but whatever. The plot was pretty darn good. Except in all his trips to Earth the Doctor never noticed the big pointy thing up there? Yeeaaah.

I did not really like the monster and the voice was distracting, but I DID appreciate the eyes blinking. Rock on! I'm all, "Did I see that?" so I had to rewind a bunch to make sure.

They added children to the scenes. Did you notice? And lots of run run run. :)

"...underneath a major London landmark?" "That's never been done before." Okay, was this referring to something?

If the particles were at the time they were visiting...why would the TARDIS be drawn anywhere else?

I want them to stop messing about with the TARDIS lore. I wonder if they would have done such things in the old series if they'd had the technology. I shall have to think on that.

<.< >.>
And I don't care how big the Thames is. It is not THAT big.

More later maybe. Oh except this for certain some people...
Did you figure out if those were boxers or briefs?

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