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07 07 07

And the fun continues.
I know V reads this off and on a thunderstorm rolled in and knocked out the air conditioning for the casino. It was a hot and muggy day outside. Within about 20 minutes it was even worse indoors with a couple 10,000 people jammed into the buildings. And the lights. And the smoking. And the big slot machines and every other machine kicking out heat. And the kitchens. And the people. Reports of steam visibly hanging in the air between the patrons and the smoke layer.
Zero ventilation.
I was fortunate to be on the side with the high ceilings so that did help because the heat had somewhere to go. We all had the table fans going, but you know how those are and they are pointed at the patrons. Who (SURPRISE!) did not leave.
Thank the stars that some supervisor had the BRAIN CELL to tell the waitresses they could take their satin-lined polyester jackets off and work in just the satin-lined polyester no-sleeve shirt. At least, they did on my side. I hear that on the other side they had a stupid supervisor.
At least one waitress, who was on that side, was carried out on stretcher. Several patrons also passed out from the heat.
Hey, heat stroke. It's a wonderful thing. NOT.
Patrons left. It's true. But just the fact that some people were willing to sit in that sweatbox and ignore the fact that the sweat is pouring off the workers - kinda bugs me.
I talked to some of the people in engineering today and they told me that it is not that the entire air conditioning system is connected - it's just that the casino has this THING where the worst combinations possible seem to magically happen. So one bit got hit by lightening and then another had a fault and the others couldn't handle the workload and just went *pop*. "It'll happen again this summer if we get a couple really hot days in a row." Because the system can only run at max for a few hours. Isn't that a comforting thought?
It was hot. It was like Africa hot.

Today, was 07 07 07. There was a promotional give-away for $70,000 today. People came in for that. Lots of people came in for that. Okay, again, V will understand this part: Valet was full. The garages were full. The lots were full. They were parking people at 2 trees, at the golf course, at the museum and at that little side part where the fire department is located and shuttling them in. Even so, the roads on property were bumper to bumper and no one was moving. Valet refused to get anyone's car because there was no place to go. Swing shift was coming in up to an hour late because the buses couldn't get onto the property. You see, part of the problem was that it was the July 4th weekend. Part of it was that it was 070707 and all the superstitious gamblers (No wai!) were flocking. And a big part was that promotion. Which had the drawing at 7pm. So once the name was called a whole BUNCH of patrons all tried to leave at the same time. Just prior to when the shift changed. Yay!
Honestly, our promotions people have been genius at getting patrons in of late. But no one knows what to DO with them once they get here.

Oh yes, one more thing V, I dealt some very nice man the $5,000 7's before the air conditioning went out. He was happy and very nice and gave the rest of his chips as a tip. $200. Yay! You're not going to believe this. He's a $200-$300 a hand player and they made him SIT THERE drumming his fingers for 45 minutes before they gave him the money! Can you believe that?! For the freaking sevens! I've given the 10% away in less time! They hassled the hell out of him too. Really, I managed to keep him from feeling ignored and harassed for the first half hour, but after that I just had to look at him and go, "No, I can't believe this either." And he was ready to just walk out of there, but they were holding his ID and his passport and wouldn't give it back! I understand that we need to instruct the new pit clerk about all the forms and stuff, but GEEZ, do NOT piss off the players in the process! No one came over to explain to us what the delays were. He's sitting there half expecting the cops to try to arrest him. He said he is not coming back.

This, my friends, is our casino's version of Customer Service.
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