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Tv. Character wakes screaming from nightmare of man he killed coming after him in his bed. The character is an assassin so bit of trope about guilt inhabiting killers.

Which got me thinking of "I'll be the death of you" and how witches were supposed to be able to level curses on people who were going to burn them. Or innocent non-witches could which is sort of a contridiction, dontcha think?
So thinking a story of battered woman putting such a curse on her flesh that would destroy whomever kills her but when she's killed in a car accident the curse certainly doesnt care...

Which led my brain to thinking of a battered woman's underground shelter residents, finding a body dumped in their beds. Because they are terrified of being found if they contact the police, they dispose of the body & destroy all evidence. Which becomes sort of a rite of passage in this secret group and is only whispered about amongst those few who stay there the longest. Until one of them whispers that it happened to her "Again". And who is using them to clean up their mess?

See, obviously I need to watch different tv shows & lay off the mystery books for awhile.

Would make good 2 sentence horror stories tho IF I could write. :/

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