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Sunday brains

Spikesgirl posted a lovely picture by the artist Charlotte Bird. Very gauzy style with lovely color & light.

(Happy Easter)

Reminded me I had wanted to post a mention of artist Karen Dupre' cuz I like her style as well. I should maybe get an "art" tag?P

And some amazing sand art in a bottle by andrew Clemens circa 1880s. His boat paintings especially.

Did you ever see the bronze masks archeologists found in China in 1985? Big diamond eyes and wing ears. Almost art neveau
Happy Equal Pay Day (april 2, later for most)

Hilton hotels are recycling used guest soap into...guest soap. Ew!

Do you suppose babyhands coordinates with his broadcast friends? He calls them all the time, we know.

*ponder* Suppose Mr Circus just blurts out in support of say... Bigfoot? We'd /never/ get that genie back in the bottle. Not ever. Ever think.about that? Like, if he really wanted a legacy?
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    I was making up an excuse to post this? No excuse! I like the background. Very not WB

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    I've been putting off going back to the dentist because 1 DENTIST 2 covid Now my teeth hurt. Danmit.

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    Made it thru the work day without hitting anyone! Not convinced this is a good thing. Like, I need one of those dry erase boards This Worker Has…

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