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Happy Independence Day

In this theme...I've been listening to the musical Assassins. How patriotic! };>

A moment for all of those who have fought and won our Independence. For all those who fought for our country through all the years. For all those who put themselves at rick to entertain our troops. For all those who worked to support our troops on the front lines and at home. For all those who sat home and worried. For all those who fought to keep our country on track. For all those who fought with guns. For all those who fought with words.
Thank you.

(Although I'm happy we still get British television.)

Oh and for all those who have fought for personal independence - Go Go Go! :>

Right. Okay. Go outside and watch something explode. Rockets red glare and all that jazz. Because that's what it is all about!

Do you buy fireworks? Are there traditional ones you get every year? I grew up where fireworks were illegal so I only get nostalgic for sparklers, snakes and those little things you throw. Poppers? I loooooove those. :)

Now, I will say that "My country right or wrong" is wrong. Damn wrong. My country SHOULD be right and when it is not I'm damn well going to speak up. Because I'm a gosh darn Patriot. My country has been wrong before. Thank the stars someone spoke up. LOUDLY. Go team go!

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