alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I am going to entomb myself in books, I can just tell.
Actually anyone can tell after a glance!

I have bought Doctor Bey's Suicide Guide. I glanced inside at the old etching illustrations A "how to"??
I bought it, later sat down to look it over at home. It is meant to be silly. Ah. Well shucks. Funny, but I cant say I'm not a little disappointed that it is a hoax when at first it seemed so unbelievably weird.
Fake news! LOL!
Far better, and more serious /perhaps/ is "13 Ways To Dispose of a Body". ;)

I'm reading American Gods. Well, read it last night. I began another christopher moore which has already enlightened me that the first novel I read is not the first novel.

I also picked up a couple Doctor Who dvds. I dont know if I will watch Day of the Doctor. On sale!

Oh I passed up the collected graphic novel of Omaha the Cat Dancer! This was an X rated comic from the 80s. Animals with human bodies, soap opera storyline and they have smex. But it is real couple, relationship smex. It was pretty groundbreaking for the time.

I did pick up a lot of books. Two dozen or so. Books books books. 4 instructional (not counting Beys), 3 comedy, 4 story collections, 3 classic, 3 mysteries, 2 school books, um...oh 3 fictions... I dunno the rest off the top of my head.

Last night I watched an old B movie. I /have/ mentioned that I like B movies, yes? "Highway To Hell" 1992? Is just chock full of guest star cameos. And campy as...heck! :p. Total popcorn/Sat-morning movie.

Oh! Midsommer Murders' has started here with the next Barneby. I was very skeptical after 'Death In Paradise' kept switching leads but this 2nd time out I think the new Barneby is fine because the storylines are so...they really are the show, arent they? He doesnt have to establish himself as anything wildly different nor as a carbon copy. It is the story and the suspect characters that count more.

Did you get any Girl Scout cookies this year?

Hey, today was the first time I left the house without a jacket! Spring!!

See? Not a word about the news. Arent you proud!? Take a breather!

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