alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

St Patricks coming up. Beer!
St Josephs coming up. Pasteries!

Edit: My book mentions "All cops are Irish in death."
Cuz bagpipes. Having seen a few big police events I have to say they are pretty darn fond of bagpipes at all times. They march in St Pats day parades specifically. Cops n bagpipes, i mean.

Is this an American thing? Y'all have this?

  • (без темы)

    Tired Not My Cat is not my cat if he prefers the neighbor Side question: How does 1 cat on the bed Manage to make it feel like this?

  • Work W T H ?

    This was just posted for we employees to see We needed this 20 years ago. Even 2 years ago

  • Real book

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