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I've been thinking about this for awhile. Today I bought an e-cigarette. Not a vap thing. This looks like a black proper cigarette.
One, because my anxiety has been a bit high. (It is to laugh.) Two, because...
I miss cigarettes. I mean /cigarettes/. This vap craze is about as dumb as a pet rock. Did James Dean suck on a pack of cards? No. Did Lauren Bacall lean over to Bogie and ask for a refill on her pack of cards? No. How stupid would that look? Pretty damn. Ever see it? No. I miss the visuals.

I miss talking with a cigarette in hand. I miss those slow thoughtful drags and the way one flourishes to emphasize a point or describe a circle around a still forming idea.

Will I light this odd piece of plastic? I seriously doubt it at 2.0 nicotine. But I am hoping it will help just holding it and dragging on it.

So there's that.

In other news, i'm stuck somewhere where the batchlor is on. It appears to have switched from "true love" to "is he gonna get sex?".

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